Why our nail fungus prevalence rates so high?

Let me kick off with statistics which will explain why I’ve chosen to answer this question. According to the American organization Podiatry Today, there are over 30 million people in the US suffering from nail fungus infection. That is almost one in every 10 people. Studies conducted in Western European countries have emerged with similar

Weight Watchers Offering Savings on Easy Weight Loss

If you are searching for the best diet plan of 2012 you should consider the Weight Watchers program. This program has been around for many years. Time has only fine-tuned the concepts of the plan. It has grown to be one of the most productive diet aids available to consumers. The Weight Watchers program offers

How To Get Rid Of Your Cold Sore Fast

Cold sores are blister-like afflictions that crop up on the edge of the lips or nostrils and are caused by herpes simplex virus. These sores can cause a lot of discomfort to the victim. However, there are some good cold sore remedies that can be utilized to reduce the discomfort as well as the suffering

AntiGravity Aerial Yoga

If you love your yoga practice, but are becoming bored with it, then it’s time to try something new. Aerial yoga is one of the hottest yoga trends and AntiGravity Yoga is one of the top forms of it. Christopher Harrison is the creator of this form of Aerial Yoga Fitness. He was a natural

The 10-Day Jump-Start Cleanse!

Change the way you feel in your body in just 10 short days! Stage 1: Days 1 & 2, Preparation Stage 2: Day 3, Transition to the Diet Stage 3: Days 4 & 5, Loosening and Dispersing Stage 4: Days 6 & 7, Elimination and Ingestion Stage 5: Days 8 & 9, Transition and Normalizing

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels choose to nest in attics, roof spaces, in between surfaces, in log stoves, in chimneys, in fireplaces, as well as in different areas which are off the ground. Squirrels can make their nest from things like attic insulation and cardboard, paper, leaves, fabric, vapor barrier and are very opportunistic. Locate entry points: Our trained

The Couple Who Works Out Together, Stays Together

Lance and Michelle Martel’s relationship blossomed out on Lake Ontario (you know it’s love when…) while training for their office dragon boat team in 2002. While their mutual love for sports and physical activity was their cupid, it also brought them closer together and they eventually tied the knot in 2005. Now they are partners

Real Life: Why I Asked For a Divorce

Over two years ago, Jenni Hayman, a computer software trainer in Toronto, separated from her husband. For the 15 years they were married, they experienced sexual incompatibilities, professional frustrations, infidelity, and the birth of two sons. Here, she discusses why she decided to take the plunge and tell her husband that she wanted to end

Holistic Recipe of the Week: Tea for Colds

So I have a cold. It happens to the best of us. I know exactly how I caught it too, and I don’t mean who I caught it from either, as most people usually like to talk about, as if it was actually someone else’s fault that they’re sick. If you ask me, the responsibility

How I Stay Fit: Sarah Treleaven

In addition to getting the scoop on all things related to having a healthy mind and healthy relationships for aol, Toronto-based writer and badminton-enthusiast, Sarah Treleaven also writes about love, life, work and sex for the National Post, Chatelaine magazine and a host of other publications. Q: You’ve taken on the “healthy mind” beat for